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The stories in our “library’ have been culled from a wide range of sources. Attribution has been given wherever possible. They range from the improbable and the frankly hilarious, to high action, to reflective or to simply sad. Nowhere is there to be found a celebration of war, but throughout the writings and interviews, what shines out is the love of country, the comradeship, the laconic humour and the extraordinary character of the Australian digger………traits to be preserved and valued for all time This website is not in the business of rewriting or sanitising history, and none of the writing is intended to cause offence or denigrate the true wonder of belonging to what is becoming a truly integrated, mutually tolerant, multicultural society. Wording and attitude in some instances reflects the situation and the feelings at that particular time in history when Australia was a country under siege, and its inhabitants fought and offered their lives for freedom, liberty and long held traditions of country and flag. We welcome any contribution you can make towards increasing this unofficial “history”, by any loan of materials that can be added. (Josie Andrews. c/- 6 Tingira Road, BlackmansBay, Tasmania 7052) Examples would be diaries, AIF News, Tobruk News, letters, Cav Capers, Cav News, memorabilia, photos, even your own version of a story you have been told….after all there is already a long tradition of oral history in Australia. Now read on and enjoy………………………………………………  

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