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Name: Alcock J.E.
Service No: NX537
Rank: Lt.
Unit: 6 DIV CAV

Brief History

W.I.A. In the Syrian Campaign. M.I.D. Received Commission in the field. Appointed Adjutant in the Northern Territory prior to transfer to Armoured Regiment.

Mentioned in Despatches. 


A TRIBUTE TO JOE ALCOCK (from Cavalry News No. 13) (1972/73)

When Freddie Wilkins rang to ask if I would write a few lines about "Little Joe", I sat down and let my mind go back over the years to the first time we all met him.

Ingleburn 1939, when he came into our lives, and he will stay in our memory always.  He was that sort of a man.

I connect him always in my mind with Ronald Storer James, and Stanley John Rhodin (The Kid) great mates of his that have gone ahead, and with George Angus Robinson, John Douglas Black and myself, because when the Recce Rett. was formed we were the NCO's of H.Q. Squadron.

A more unlikely looking soldier than little Joe would be hard to imagine.  Slightly built, about a 30" chest, seeming much older than the rest of us, one could hardly conceive him going through the war, but over his years of service he was to prove that once and for all the old adage "Good things come in small parcels".  He also taught me the valuable lesson that one should never make hasty judgements of men and their capabilities.  He ran RHQ Orderley room with super efficiency, and was a great power behind the scenes always.

When one looks back on the early formative years of the Regiment, several people's names come to mind for the influence they had on it ...."Fergie", Basil, Denzil, Henna and in that distinguished group "Little Joe's" name is not out of place.  We are better for haming known him.   .....J. McCarthy, NX4014

(Details required)

ServiceAustralian Army 
Service Number2139192 (NX537) 
Date of Birth19 Jun 1907
Place of BirthDENILIQUIN, NSW 
Date of Enlistment3 Nov 1939 
Locality on EnlistmentBELLEVUE HILL, NSW 
Place of EnlistmentASHFIELD, NSW 
Date of Discharge11 Oct 1945

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