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Josie 2010
courtesy heather stone
Josie and Jim

Name:Andrews. J

Service No.TX511


Connection: Daughter of TX511 Gordon Rowe (View Here)

Designation: Super Administrator
Subs. Current to ANZAC Day: 2020

E_Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Known as Josie. Enlisted 07/07/2008 Appointed Queensland Website manager 12/04/2008.Appointed Queensland/Tasmanian Administrator 18/04/2008.
Tireless worker for the Regiment, Loves chooks.and Jim.

In her own words: 

My husband and I pulled up roots in Tassy six years ago and followed our children to Qld to have that working holiday that we didn’t have when younger.  Since then our youngest has decided there is no place like home and he and his wife have moved back to settle in southern Tasmania.  Where we end up is anybody’s guess (certainly not North Qld – too hot for Taswegians!)  We thought by being in Qld that we would be close to our five grandchildren but we didn’t realise that Qld was so big!  At least we don’t have that gap of big water to cross each time we visit. 

Apart from liking chooks? – well, my passion is genealogy and I have been tracing different branches of mine and my husband’s tree for near 24 years now.  In fact it began the moment my parents died in 1984 – oh how I wish they were here still; now that I have so many questions to ask them!  I would also be able to tell them a thing or two that they didn't know too!

 It was only in recent months during the course of studying my father’s war history that I tracked down Snow Johnston, a digger mate of my father’s, and I was directed to this recently established website.   Well of course, I had information and photos to contribute to my father’s TX511 site but in the course of things I somehow ended up as the Qld administrator – think it had something to do with our super administrator Shorty Corbett!!   Needless to say, the family history is being a bit neglected of late!  Never mind, I was beginning to run out of convicts anyway!

This site is an excellent place for all of us who had family members in the 2/6 Cav Commando Regt and 2/7, 2/9 & 2/10 Squadrons during World War II.  The great thing about it is that by becoming associate members we get to own our own site to contribute to as we wish and change around as we like.  I am told that there are only about 100 of the regiment still living and that means that there are hundreds upon hundreds of sons, daughters, cousins, grandchildren etc out there with a desire to learn more about the Regiment.  And they all have stories to tell and we want to hear those stories!  

This is the opportunity of a life time to create an historical and personal website alike for all the generations to come.  So I encourage everyone to go through those boxes of old photos, letters and memoriabilia – this site needs them to grow.  If you are not interested in becoming a member then no worries; just loan us your stuff to scan and we will return as soon as.  As a typist of 30 years it would be a pleasure and a privilege to do any typing needed to help the site along so please ask.  I am not only interested in my own family stories but fascinated by others as well.

 If you know of anyone who belonged to the Regiment; please pass it on so we can contact them; there is a lot of detective work involved in a site like this when trying to get it up and running.

 Please feel free to phone (0) or email me at any time.


Just Kidding


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