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2 Cav 

A welcome reminder from Captain Colin Bartholomew 

"When I visited you we spoke about members of the association potentially sending some inspirational letters to our boys currently serving abroad . The address below can be displayed on your web site should anyone want to send a letter,  card/cake, lollies or pictures drawn by members of a local Melbourne school who want to thank the Troops for the sacrifice they make on their behalf, especially over the festive season. Unfortunately, for security reasons which I am sure you will fully understand we can not advertise their location. Each parcel should not exceed 2KG in order to qualify for free delivery. 
The regiment is currently in the process of putting together welfare packs for them. Each pack will be worth $X, however if  we want to donate money toward the packs  to increase the quality/quantity of the goods received, this will also be gratefully accepted and appreciated."

Address all items [At your local P.O. Postage free this address]

A 2 Cav Soldier
Australian Contingent
Australian Defence Force
NSW 2890

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sons and Daughters of the Regiment, Let's heed the call.
Only a lonely soldier can tell you what this means to him far from home.
Ask Dad or Grandad or Uncle. Or Spike, or Bill or Bundy or Shorty. Ron or Teddy or Reg or Macka and Snowy.
They'll tell you how their spirits lifted and their outlook on life was affected by this simple thoughtful deed.
We can do it!.

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