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Photo by Meredith Stafford
The Regiment's tree of Remembrance Photo by Meredith Stafford

 Poem By Rachel Decker

So That We can All Be Free

I sat today beneath a tree
A gum, proud symbol of our land
Looking at a plaque of brass
Warriors from jungle and from sand.

 Seventy years since they were formed
Not by choice but sense of duty
Fathers, brothers, uncles, sons 
Left home and country to ensure freedom won
A gift for all humanity.

Their colour patch - brown, red and green
Defined their sense of purpose
To keep on marching through mud and blood
Til fields of green were offered up
And they proudly stood, victorious.

To that tree they came; the old, the young 
Memories and stories within them stirring 
To honour those who took up the call
The band of brothers formed by war 
Whose bands can never be broken.

Though they pass into the mists of time
Always honoured will they be
These fathers, brothers, uncles, sons
Took up the call, the challenge won
So that we can all be free.

Rachel Decker 

November 2009

Photo by Nick Corbett
2009 Wreaths by L John Decker RSusan McLaughlin

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