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Ben Horton
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Just a quick note to let you know how much I and the rest of the members and ex members of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment enjoyed the functions over the weekend. All of the boys expressed how much of a memorable weekend it was.  

The toast to the Regiments by Mr Kevin Maloney was very stirring and I believe it has inspired the younger members to learn more about both unit's history, and as young Cavalry leaders I will be encouraging them to pass this history on to newer members of the Regiment.

In the coming weeks SGTs Johnston, Krongold, Portelli and myself will join the association and will continue to spread the word to ex 2nd Cavalry Regiment members that are now posted to the School Of Armour.  

Once again Shorty it was a memorable weekend and I thank you and the rest of the association for accommodating us so warmly.

Ben Horton

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