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3 Oct 1999   2 Cav Regt Patrol Relieve Ambushed SAS Patrol, East Timor, International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) 2 Cav Regimental History: “On 3 October, 32 Ptl were tasked to provide mobility to a SAS patrol. The task was to clear the inland route down to Suai, the first major push to the south of the country.  On 4 October 1999, the SAS patrol, whilst transporting captured Militia in B vehicles, were ambushed resulting in two SAS casualties. 32 Ptl were called in as reinforcements and were involved in a contact with Militia in Suai resulting in two Militiamen being killed.  This was to be the first time that an ASLAV had been involved in a contact whilst on this operation. “ Ref No 90 p9 Nov 08 RAAC Units Invloved Included:                 2 Cav Regt 

Info courtesy RAAC Historians. Thanks.

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