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November 3 2010 saw once again a colourful gathering at the Shrine of Remembrance to honour the Regiment's Foundation in 1939 and pay homage to those who have passed into history.

Spring fresh foliage by Nick Corbett
We assembled at the Unit Tree No. 56 in the Shrine Gardens directly west of WW2 Cenotaph at 1145 hrs.

Susan in control
At 1200 hrs. Secretary Susan W Stafford-McLaughlin, daughter of the late VX529 Sergeant Osie Stafford, welcomed all and paid a brief tribute to the work of President John (Shorty) Corbett.
1202 hrs. Shorty welcomed all 2Cav members and young & distance travellers who braved Melbourne's uncertain climate.
He briefly outlined the reason for this special day, which began with the formation of the Regiment in 1939.
Chaplain Charles
At 1206 hrs the Chaplain of PLC, Padre Charles Green, gave a fascinating talk about
 The Battle for Bardia; the first major engagement of our members in the Middle East..
Padre Ron
At 1211 hrs. Padre Ron Scott Townsend, son of the late Tpr. Ron J Townsend paid tribute to
C.O.Denzil Macarthur Onslow, giving us an interesting summary of his career and notable wartime experiences.
Heather against all odds
1216 hrs. Assistant Secretary Heather (Rowe) Stone Daughter of the late TX511 Sergeant Gordon (Dobbin) Rowe, recited the Vale
All Chorus Ode.
"They shall grow not old
as we that are left row old
Age shall not weary them
nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning

1222 hrs. 2 minutes silence.
1224 hrs. Bugler: Last Post followed by Reveille.
Fresh Red Tribute
1226 hrs. Wreath laying.
Brodie reflects on Osiepa with Shortypa
A moment of reflection, hand on heart, by the oldest and the youngest. Brodie, the youngest, grandson of Osie Stafford shares a moment with Shorty, the oldest, who served with Brodie's grandfather in New Guinea WW2.
Robert Webb 2 Cav Stalwart
1230 hrs. The Secretary called on 2 Cav. Robert Webb, secretary of NT branch, to convey their C.O’s. message which affirmed the close ties between our regiment and daughter regiment, 2 Cav, who have warmly accepted the role of carrying our traditions and memory on into the future. .
Now we are together down the years Symbolism
The new Banner, incorporating the insignia symbolically arranged of both the old and the new, was unfurled for the very first time and presented to the Vic. Branch by Robert Webb, aided by NT  branch member Phillip Hinds
Susan and the Ladies from PLC
1240 hrs. The National Anthem  was led by the Secretary and the beautiful voices of choir members from PLC.
Tiffany plays the haunting strains beautifully

1245. The Ceremony closed with thanks and an invitation for all to lunch at the Shrine.
 We proceeded to the dining area in the wake of the PLC Piper, Tiffany who led us with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the Lament.
Our Honoured Patron Betty Land
1300. Introduction of our gracious and lovely Patron Betty Land (who of course needed no introduction to the majority) who paid a tribute to the part played by women of the Association down the years.


And so to lunch
Zac meets Governor Peter Whitelaw
Renews acquaintance with legendary past secretary Keith Johnston
Then The only Africa star on display. From Syria. Jimmy Muir
You're standing on my foot Zac.
Just Kidding
Go Pies
The late Osie Stafford's grandson Declan hams it up at the lunchroom lectern in the donations bowler.
Young and old had an enjoyable day.


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