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2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiments Foundation Day. 
The New Banner

 On the 2nd November LCPL Webb and I headed down to Melbourne for the 71st   anniversary 2/6 Foundation day to be held on the 3rd.  The NT Branch provided flights, accommodation and a rental car for our time whilst in Melbourne. We where put up at a hotel called Bayview on the Park which was located on the outskirts of the city. We each had our own rooms which where to a very high standard.  After an early night in we woke up on the morning of the 3rd bright and early to get our uniforms ready and to allow us plenty of time to allow for the uncertain Melbourne climate and road conditions, we arrived at the shrine of remembrance at approximately 1130 hrs where we met up with the a couple of the members including secretary Susan W Stafford-McLaughlin, daughter of the late Sergeant Osie Stafford, and President John (Shorty) Corbett, from there we all moved to the unit tree, no.56 which is located directly to the west of the WWII cenotaph. At 1200hrs we were all officially welcomed by the secretary Susan W Stafford-McLaughlin at which time Susan also welcomed Shorty and paid tribute to the hard work of the president of the association. Shorty then welcomed everyone for braving Melbourne’s uncertain climate which on this day was very cold and slightly raining however the weather seemed to hold off just long enough for us to continue the ceremony, at this time Shorty also gave us a brief outline on the importance for this special day which was to celebrate the formation of the Regiment in 1939 and also for the members of the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment and 2nd Cavalry Regiment Association to remember those members both passed and present. At 1206hrs it was Padre Charles Green who gave a captivating talk about the units first major engagement in the Middle East at a place called the battle for Bardia. At 1211 hrs Padre Ron Scott Townsend, son of the late Tpr Ron J Townsend paid tribute to C.O. Denzil Macarthur Onslow, giving us a remarkable summary of his career and remarkable wartime experiences. At 1216hrs it was Assistant Secretary Heather (Rowe) Stone Daughter of the late Sergeant Gordon (Dobbin) Rowe, who recited the Vale which was shortly followed by 2 mins of silence which we took the time to remember those who have left us not only in the last couple of years but also those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and never made the trip home. At 1224hrs a bugler played the last post followed by the reveille, At 1226hrs the laying of the wreaths began started off with two members being the youngest member of the association Brodie who is the grandson of Osie Stafford and the oldest member of the association John (Shorty) Corbett who served with Brodies grandfather in Papua New Guinea in WWII. At 1230hrs it was Lcpl Robert Webb secretary of the NT Branch who conveyed the 2nd Cavalry Regiments C.O Lt Col Simon Timothy Johnstone message which affirmed to the members of the association the close ties between the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, and the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment, who have warmly accepted the responsibilities of carrying the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiments traditions and memory on into the future. After the C.O’s message was passed on it was time for the new banner for the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment & 2nd Cavalry Regiment association to be presented to the Vic branch by Lcpl Robert Webb and aided by myself.
Phillip Hinds andRobert Webb present the new Banner

 At 1240hrs the National Anthem was led by Susan and some of the choir girls from PLC, at 1245hrs the ceremony closed and we were invited to lunch at the shrine where we followed the PLC piper Tiffany who led us from the unit tree to the shrine playing a stunning rendition of Lament.
 From there we spent the next hour or so talking to and listening to all the stories from the members from stories of there time in training up in Northern Territory and listening to Japanese planes fly over top and bombing the near by Americans to going hunting and just having a good time from stories of old mates who are no longer with us to laughing uncontrollably at those little things that just seem funny to the old diggers there where many questions asked to my self and Webby that day from will you come down for the march this Anzac Day to which we gladly replied we will do our best as long as our Boss lets us, but from all the questions asked that day it was the one question that I think all of the diggers wanted to know and we could not answer what happened to our black berets? So in closing I would like to thank the Association for taking such good care of Lcpl Robert Webb and myself on our trip down to Melbourne, for such a significant day in the Regiments History, and also for allowing the 2nd Cavalry Regiment to carry on the traditions and memory of all members of the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment, both passed and present.   

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