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Now Hear This!



It has been another busy year for the Northern Territory Branch of the 2/6 Cavalry Commando and 2nd Cavalry Regiment Association. Last year ended with a bang as 200 care packages were sent to our members serving overseas, a feat the association intends on making a more regular occurrence once the next contingent of Cavalry Soldiers head overseas..

As always ANZAC Day is one that holds a special place in the hearts of all Australians, but this year in particular marked a monumental event for both the Northern Territory & Victorian branches of the association. Members in both localities marched under a new unified banner. This was both symbolic of the 2nd Cavalry Regiments strong ties with the association and indicative of the bond between the two branches. The day also saw members donning the new lapel pin, a design that was drawn from the new banner that would become the association new logo.

In traditional ANZAC Day celebrations games of Two-Up & Crown & Anchor ran throughout the day raising $3000 for Legacy. An additional $500 was raised from a BBQ held at the venue.

The 72nd Annual Foundation Day celebrations despite being held in Melbourne were not without a strong presence from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. The association funded the journey of TPR Matthew King to represent the NT branch for the celebrations. He was met by numerous other members who travelled down from the School Of Armour and various other training establishments for the day. Patron: Betty Land presented the NT Branch with a hard cover copy of ‘The Green Fields Beyond’ to be submitted and displayed in the 2nd Cavalry Regiments museum.

A 2/6 Commando challenge coin and key ring were designed and sent out to members of the association. The Coin and Key rings were both designed by TPR Ekin Sedar, each with their own individual number. Various coins were handed out to key players in the success of the NT branch of the association. As the first ever president of the NT branch of the association coin number 1 was given to CAPT Colin Bartholomew. Coin number 2 was presented to WO1 Joseph Ludeman, the RSM of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, for his endless behind the scenes support of the association and the key part he played in the associations’ success. The 2nd Cavalry Regiments CO LTCOL Simon Johnstone, csc. Was presented with a coin bearing his call sign. In addition to these allocations 50 Coins and key rings were sent to the Victoria branch of the association as a token of appreciation for the support they have provided throughout the launch of the NT branch.

The association has come to the assistance of the Boer War Memorial this year. A variety of stubby holders & lapel pins have been sold on the memorials behalf throughout the brigade at a variety of events. The association prides itself in the efforts it makes to maintain the eminence of Australia’s’ military history; the Boer War Memorial received $6000 from such efforts this year.

This year we also bid farewell to the first Secretary of the association Capt Blake.  Capt Blake has put in countless hours towards the association and deserves a pat on the back for his hard work and dedication to see the association grow to what it is today.


Despite many winding down as we move closer to the end of the year, the Northern Territory branch has already set its sights on 2012.  Plans are in the works for a memorial statue to be erected on Anzac Parade in Darwin City. The statue will be in commemoration of the fallen members of the 2/6 Commando Association. Although there is no set design for the memorial at present, the association appreciates all ideas and submissions from its members. In this spirit of paying respects to our fallen the association is planning on sending 2 members to walk the Kokoda track over the 2012 Anzac day period. The trip will be for 14 days and have all expenses covered.

In May of this year the 2nd Cavalry Regiment donated a barbeque trailer to assist with the various fundraisers & events the association holds. The trailer is hoped to further aid future events with a larger sense of association presence as it is to be repainted early in the New Year with the association logo.

The 2nd Cavalry Regiments end of year parade took place on the 18th of November, seeing many well deserved promotions, commendations and awards presented. The association has always shown particular interest in the winning team of Beersheba Cup as well as the scout of the year. LTCOL Kevin Maloney (retired), from Victorian branch, presented the winning team with a $1000 voucher to kitbag and a similar voucher to the value of $300 to the scout of the year sponsored by the NT Branch of the Association.

In closing I would like to give a big thank you to all members of the association who have shown their support this year. Including Mr Hap Hanlon who has given countless hours to the NT Branch.

On behalf of the committee I wish all members a safe and happy Christmas break and look forward to seeing you all next year.

Robert Webb
Vice President
NT Branch

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