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Vice Principal PLC Keiron Jones 2012
Vice Principal Keiron Jones

Thank you for welcoming PLC to be part of your special Foundation Day Commemoration. We are delighted to be associated with the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment and 2nd Cavalry Regiment Association (Vic).

This is the 73nd Annual Pilgrimage, which is a really significant legacy. It is a wonderful history of Commemoration of the people associated with the Cavalry Commando Regiment and 2nd. Cavalry Regiment Association. I would particularly like to thank Secretary Heather Stone and President Susan McLaughlin, who do such an amount of work behind the scenes. And a special greeting to Shorty who has visited PLC on several occasions. The girls greet him with great affection and he is a real favourite.

We all move from youth to older age and then to eternal life, and it is a sad reality that members become fewer in number. The years slide gently by for us all. But the Commando Regiment enjoys an illustrious history, one that must never be forgotten.

Rest assured that a current generation of PLC girls will not let the sun set on the 2/6 CavalryCommando Regiment and 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Our students are young and a long way from the terrible experiences which men and women we recall today went through. But the girls have a keen intelligence, imagination and hearts for service and commemoration. PLC is very proud to be linked to this Regiment and Association and will continue to support you. Our wonderful students know how important it is that we honour those who have served Australia.

PLC has not been immune from the realities of war. Women in WWI and WWII served across the forces in roles where women could be involved. They also had brothers, fathers, sons, lovers who enlisted, some to return, some never to return, or some to return but changed beyond recognition. PLC is very conscious of the huge sacrifice people have made in many theatres of war to protect the values and security of our great country.

We’re fortunate in Australia to have been free from war here at home in our lifetime. However, we remember the many men and women in the Forces who are currently serving overseas in areas of conflict and in peacekeeping roles.

PLC looks forward to maintaining our association with you into the future and wish you all God’s blessing for good health, gentle memories and great camaraderie.

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