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Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour, my privilege and my very great pleasure to introduce our president, who, because she has been the face of the regiment these past four years, needs no introduction. The daughter of a man of unblemished record who served this nation with courage, dignity and distinction in every campaign as an original member of the regiment throughout World War 2: Sergeant Osie Stafford.

The first lady secretary in the history of this venerable organization appointed 2008: 
 has a degree in nursing, served her time as a soldier with 2nd. Battalion Royal Victorian Regiment; she has implemented and overseen the resurgence of this association whilst raising four children and holding down a most demanding job as manager/co-ordinator of the Livingston Community Centre.

With the deepest respect, humility and affection, I ask you to welcome our VERY FIRST LADY President: Susan Winifred Stafford McLaughlin.

Our President
President Susan McLaughlin


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