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  Now Hear This.
President Clint Johnson 2013  

Report from the NT.
Wishing all the best for the new year and hope everyone is settling in to 2013 well.
In November 2012 a new committee took up positions and started undertaking their work to advance the assn in the NT into the future.
The start of 2013 has seen a few developments and is promising to be a productive and rewarding year.
Current progress : The start of the year has seen a few key purchases as part of a move towards the digital age. A laptop and scanner has been purchased and work is already underway to help create a lasting electronic historical collection of photos etc. Copies of which will also be donated to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment.
A key focus this year is to develop A modern webpage giving members an easier location to access and contribute information, history and records along with an ability to join online. This is being done with a webmaster and is a goal we intend to achieve this year. We also intend to link our Facebook page to the webpage providing a more unified web pressence.
A second BBQ/function trailer has been purchased and is due for delivery in the next few weeks avalable for use in a month or so. A reminder the 2 assn trailers are avalable for use by all assn members and soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment.
Stubbie coolers have been ordered and will be avalable in approx 2 weeks.
An order for bumper stickers is underway and should be avalable to all current assn members soon and will be part of a new members package that is currently under review.
The assn has also joined the RAAC corporation to give members of the assn greater representation. For more info the corporation webpage can be found at :
Historical items that have been donated by the assn and assn members to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment are currently being mounted and donated for display in RHQ and in the museum. On a side note the Regimental museum is under development into a new layout located down stairs RHQ in the location of the old RAP.

On the horizon: A few social gatherings will take place early in the year however the main social focus is towards the later part of the year as many of our NT members are still seving and are very commited in the early stages of the year.
The assn is looking to host later in the year a trivia/quiz night, a family outdoor event and a possable members night out (to the races is currently being floating around).
Research into the construction of an NT memorial are still underway and progress has been made, with the possable creation of the memorial at East point. There is currently a competiton to design the memorial with a prize being placed up for the winner from the Vic breanch of the assn who has currently also raised $10,000 towards the construction of said memorial.
The commissioning of an artist to construct a print that would be made avalable for purchase is underway. The print is to include Armoured vehicles and will be a great memonto of yours or a family members service, Plans for this are ongoing.
The creation of custom assn steins is also being looked into as another possable momento and can be customised to individuals the first example will be purchased and avalable for inspection in the near future.
The next committee meeting will be schedualed soon to continue on with the great work currently being undertaken.
Any members wishing to assist or contribute in any way are always welcomed as the assn only moves forward from the great work of our volunteers.
Suggestions for any future events or any merchandising are also welcomed as well as anyone who would like to voice a suggestion on the future direction of the assn feel free to contact one of the members of the committee.

have a great year.


Clint Johnson
NT Branch
2/6 CAV CDO & 2 CAV assn

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