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This year has been another challenging year for the men of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment with Troopers, NCOs and Officers of the Regiment undertaking their duties on many fronts. The Regiment is currently maintaining Battle Group Headquarters, the fighting and support echelon elements in Afghanistan, as it transitions to handover of the district towards the end of 2013. This force was organised from RHQ, B SQN and SPT SQN.


Whilst back in Australia, the Regiments soldiers have been involved in the trials of the Armoured Cavalry Regiment (ACR). Maintenance of the Regiments allocation of ASLAVs was also a key task required of the personnel in Darwin as was representing the REGT in the Brigade sporting and military skills competition.


The ACR trial was conducted in conjunction with the 1st Armoured Regiment (1AR) and saw the men from A SQN 2 CAV REGT transition from a Reconnaissance SQN mounted in ASLAV to a APC SQN mounted in M113AS4. C SQN provided the Reconnaissance SQN to the ACR and added a surveillance troop to their ranks.


The ACR Trial was a success, though many teething problems were felt as members adapted to new operating techniques and platforms within the ACR.  The ACR proved its flexibility and strength as part of 3Bde during Exercise Hamel 2013.


Following the ACR Trial the Regt was tasked to permanently move the personnel from A SQN 2 CAV to D SQN (APC) 1 AR and C SQN complete to 1 AR to form the first permanent ACR. The final farewells as part of the reorganisation between the regiments proved emotional demonstrating the bonds that are created by people serving in combat units.


2 CAV REGT now is to prepare to form the Second ACR and relocate to Townsville over 2014-2015 This will see a large amount of personnel and equipment move in the near future and will no doubt be a challenging year where the Regiment will once again demonstrate the flexibility it is famous for.

Life in the 1st Brigade and the Northern Territory allows small time to pause to reflect. The Regt, with thin ranks and so many people committed to taskings, fought to maintain respectable performances in the Bde cross country, athletics swimming and military skills competions.

Sadly, with so many commitments this year the Regt was unable to compete for Keldie, Beersheba and the A.H Smith Cups. I am sure that these will be competed for with drive and enthusiasm again in the future.

Beersheba day this year saw the Regt conduct potted sports and a Regimental social parade at the Light Horse club.


The 2/6 CAV (CDO) & 2 CAV REGT ASSN (NT) has had a somewhat disrupted but successful year with the Assn sponsoring the REGT touch football team, Charity lawn bowl events along with contributing to various charities. Such as Blues Ride for the Avenue of Honour which saw $5000 donated to the charity Soldier On, $5000 donated towards the Boer War Memorial Association and money dedicated for donation to the Salvation Army. Sponsorship of Members conducting the Movember charity for men’s Health is also underway.

The Second BBQ trailer was purchased and both now bear the Assn colours. Equipment bought for digitalisation of Assn affairs along with continued support for the RAAC Corporation.

The Assn will be providing gifts to the members of the Regiment awarded Soldier of the Year, JNCO of the Year and Craftsman of the Year and has pledged in the future to award individual trophies or awards to members of the winning troops of  the Keldie and Beersheba cups.

The NT Assn sent representatives to the Funeral of John (Shorty) Colbert and to the Shrine of Remembrance in Victoria on Foundation Day and current and ex-serving members of the Regiment turned out in numbers to march alongside the WW2 veterans and families under the 2/6 Assn banners in Melbourne and in Darwin .


As the year comes to a close many members of the Regt and the Assn are moving on posting or discharge I wish them and their families all the best for Christmas stand down period and the future. The Regt will gain a new CO next year as LT COL M. Bye ends his tenure as CO posting onto Staff College. The new CO LT COL J. Davis, posting in from Army HQ, I am sure will have a challenging and rewarding few years as CO. RSM WO1 Cook will continue serving in the Regiment as the RSM into the new year.


My partner Margriet and I are moving to Puckapunyal and the School of Armour as we pursue the next phase of our lives. I will be replaced by Sergeant Tyrone Cashin, as the President of the NT branch and I wish him and his new committee all the best.

I intend to stay involved in the Assn in Victoria and continue towards our work together.

 I would like to end by complimenting all who I have worked with on the committee of the Assn and the Men and women of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Brigade. Thanks for a great few years and I wish you all the best soldering into the new year and onto the future.


Clint Johnson

Departing President

2/6 CAV (CDO) &




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