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C.O.’S Message from 2 Cav conveyed by LCPL Borce Trajkov, accompanied by LCPL Nigel McMullen

It is extremely hard to place the year that has passed, in some form of context.  Having been in the Unit off and on since 1996, one has never witnessed a more demanding and disorientating time frame in which our group of fine men and women have experienced being pulled in divergent directions.  Without additional augmentation, manning or support 2 CAV Regiment has had to contend with the following assigned tasks throughout 2013:


 1. Deploy C SQN to Townsville in effort to prepare it for integration into the ACR Trial


2.  Temporarily move A SQN to 1st ARMD REGT in February in order to train all personnel in A SQN to become M113-AS4 drivers.  This was directed to occur in order to build an APC SQN for use in the ACR Trial.


3. Integrate B SQN, SPT SQN, RHQ & force elements from a variety of units to build an Advisory Task Force to deploy to Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.


4.  Concentrate, train and prepare this Task Group for deployment over the period May to December.


5.  Deploy the 2 CAV Regiment Task Force to Afghanistan


6. Temporarily integrate C SQN into 1st ARMD REGT for the purposes of the ACR trial.


7.  Participate in the ACR Trial and the EX HAMEL series


8.  Redeploy back to Darwin


9.  Permanently move A and C SQN to 1st ARMD REGT to form 1st ACR


10. Prepare to form the second ACR & subsequently plan to the REGT to  Townsville at some point in 2014.


11.Return the Task Group back to Australia and demount personnel into January 2Ol4.


 Was this too much to do in one year? Was too much expected from the Unit?  Time will tell - we are yet to finish the year and return all of our family safe from the perils of conflict.  Nevertheless, l do know that the leadership and camaraderie shown by all Officers and Soldiers has been the mechanism for our success in meeting all assigned missions.  l am extremely proud of the efforts that all our fine men and women have made.   They have embodied much of the martial stoicism and values that have been the backbone of our military efforts for decades.


As we come to the end of our long combat force commitment in the Middle Eastern Area of Operations, I am extremely aware of the need to recognise all those who have contributed to the Units tireless and currently unsung commitment to Army‘s efforts in places as far flung as As-Sanmmwah, As-Salman, Chora and Derawud.  To this list must also be added earlier operational areas and locations such as Dili, Same and Suai.


2 CAV Regiment’s commitment to operations is pronounced, but far less understood in the wider Army and Defence Community than warranted.  The Unit has deployed Regimental Headquarters leading battle group organisations to both lraq and Afghanistan.  lt has continuously committed Squadrons to Troops to all operational theatres (less the Solomon Islands) since 1999.  lt has regularly provided troops to meet short notice contingency force preparations concurrent to Army’s main operational set.


All past and current members of the Cavalry Regiment should be aware that an application for a Meritorious Unit Citation is being developed for submission to higher Army Headquarters.   It will aim to seek formal recognition for the literally countless hours of dedicated hard work, commitment, professionalism, personal and collective discipline, determination and “courage”, that was resident in the deployment of every Patrol, Troop, Squadron and Regimental Headquarters commitment since September 1999.


The Regiment’s move to Townsville marks the closing of one chapter and the commencement of another.  Our connection to Darwin has been defining for so many men and women, who have stood at one time or another and watched Courage proudly fly across the front of the Parade Ground; endured the dust, sweat, grime and flies of Mount Bundy; or remember with great fondness the inter-unit rugby matches on the football ground behind RHQ between 2 CAV and 1 ARMD.  Many will remember what Darwin was like back in the early years, especially 1993 to 1996 – a frontier town in many respects, but proud of and welcoming to “it’s Regiment in the North”. l suspect that the residents of Darwin do not know what this directed move entails, or the living history and affiliation that will depart the Northern Territory throughout next year.


The move does not mean the end of the Regiment, its soul or its approach to the hard and demanding requirements of soldiering.  It will mean that 2 CAV is linked to what will become the most deployable part of the Army, given the decisions to link amphibious capability to Townsville and to experiment, once again, with restructuring Army’s armoured capabilities.


l wish to finish by expressing the hope that the uncertainty and turmoil that the Unit has been subject to will soon conclude.  l also sincerely hope that the families that provide us with such great support continue to show the patience, good humour and indulgence that they have selflessly shown over the last 12 months. What has been achieved could not have been achieved without their efforts and the patient, nurturing support of families & loved ones.”



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