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So far during 2014, 2 Cav Regt has been in a reset phase; meaning that vehicle remediation, getting personnel onto relevant career courses and identifying deficiencies with training and having them rectified has been the focus. Some would say that this would mean that the tempo within the unit would be quiet and slow paced however it has been quite the opposite.  


2 Cav Regt has also been focussing on transitioning over to Townsville as part of Plan Beersheeba. This is quite a significant move for the Regiment and has meant that all key personnel have been busy throughout the year co-ordinating the movement of vehicles, mascots, memorials and memorabilia. A sign that things are starting to slowly happen is the relocation of the ‘Beast’ from the front of Regimental Headquarters into the unit compound ready for transport to Townsville. Remarkably, the old girl was able to be opened up and started for the first time in many years! 


Whilst all this is happening, A SQN and RHQ Troop have been focusing on developing their foundational war fighting skills at Mount Bundey Training Area. There is more field training coming up in the year starting at the end of August and completed mid September. This will see A SQN having all three cavalry troops complete a Stage Four live fire practice (Static shoot with their ASLAVs) and then move into Stage Five practices (Mobile, troop battle runs) which will be assessed by their OC, Major Scott Klima. From there, they will head back to Robertson Barracks for make and mends on personnel and vehicles then be filed through Keldie Cup, one troop at a time. This competition will determine the best overall troop within 2 Cav Regt for 2014. At this stage we are trying to get C SQN, 1 AR to come across and participate as they are still our ASLAV brothers however they are now part of 1st Armoured Combat Regiment (1 AR). RHQ Troop has also been conducting training and has come a long way since the start of the year. A few vehicles, such as the CO’s and RSM’s ASLAVs were handed over to A SQN to bolster their numbers of serviceable vehicles which meant that RHQ Troop consisted of four ASLAV Type Two variants with very limited manning.  


As what Clint alluded to throughout his article from last year’s Cav News, the tempo has been fast paced but there have been opportunities to conduct various Troop functions when time permits. Upcoming events of worthy mention are the CO’s Day (reserved for Officers only), a Regimental Fittest SQN competition where the prize is the very expensive BBQ setup at our Lighthorse Club. Both A SQN and SPT SQN have expressed a keen interest in obtaining this for their respective ‘boozer’ arrangements. There is also a Soldier Skills week for the Regiment which will test the standard of basic individual soldier skills. This will begin with a Fittest Soldier competition, NAVEX and culminate with a Physical Employment Standards Test and LF6.  


On 31 October 2014 there will be a final march out parade for 2 Cav Regt. This will signify that the Regiment is ready to depart Darwin and transition to Townsville as part of 2nd Armoured Combat Regiment (2 Cav Regt). There will be a mixed dining in night at the conclusion of the parade held at the Southern OR’s mess then for drinks at the Lighthorse Club shortly afterwards. In attendance will be ex-serving RSMs and COs from 2 Cav Regt as well as other important guests.  


So, as you can see, the Regiment is quite busy with a lot of things going on. Such is life within the Army’s premier Cavalry Regiment. All members are looking forward to the transition to Townsville and see it as another opportunity to write a new chapter into the history books of our Regiment. The next time you hear from 2 Cav Regt will be as 2 ACR with a lot more input from B SQN (members from the current B SQN 3/4 Cavalry Regiment mounted in M113 AS4s) and C SQN (members from 1 AR mounted in M1A1s). It is an exciting time to be a cavalryman in 2 Cav Regt with 2015 just around the corner and a bright future within the 3rd Brigade.  


2 / 6 Cavalry Commando and 2nd Cavalry Regiment Association Northern Territory Report for 2014 


As we are only half way through the year there is plenty still to come in the way of the association. At the completion of this article I will mention what we are looking at supporting within the Regiment and the various charities we will be donating to this year. 


So far this year, the association has continued to sponsor the 2 Cav Regt touch football team which has now amalgamated with 1 AR. This has proved to be a very successful union and has the team positioned in second place on the Brigade Touch Football ladder. New jerseys are in the pipeline to be produced with the 1 AR RTF coming to the party with some funding as well.  


Works towards the memorial at the Darwin Museum have progressed with Cameron Stone providing a Bren gun carrier for our use. We are waiting on approval from the Heritage committee to give us permission to construct our memorial; we are expecting a response back in the near future. 


The association has once again sponsored the 2 Cav Regt Charity Lawn Bowls event and is looking at supporting a ‘burpee challenge’ within the unit with details to be confirmed at a later date.   


There was a great turnout at the Melbourne ANZAC Day march for 2 Cav Regt members; serving and ex-serving. A majority of these members were on course at the School of Armour at the time and from all reports they had a great day mingling and marching with the WW2 veterans and theirs families and relatives. In Darwin, 2 Cav Regt marched as a Regiment with 1 Brigade through the streets of Darwin. We were all dressed in Ceremonial Dress 2A, polyesters with the Regiment’s Guidon being carried by WO2 Ben Horton with protection from the escorts, SGT Nicholas Lincoln and SGT David Johnston. The march went well however staying in step with the erratic drum beat was quite difficult for some. It was unfortunate we could not march under the association banner dressed in our suits and medals however this was out of our control. After the formalities of the morning and early afternoon, members were then released and attended various social areas and functions around Darwin to kick on for the rest of the afternoon and long into the night.  


In terms of membership, the association has a consistent influx of newer members with our current CO, LTCOL James Davis being our newest and most senior member. There has also been the production of the association survival straps which have not sold as well as originally planned which is a shame as we were expecting a greater response from current or ex-serving members. If there are members out there who wish to purchase one, visit the Facebook page and download the order form or email your response to the association email address. 


In conclusion, it hasn’t been a flat out year for the association however we are still continuing to support the Soldier On Charity with a donation of $5000 and the amount being donated to the Boer War Memorial later in the year. We will also be looking at donating a prize to the Keldie Cup champion troop for 2014. The association is looking at having an AGM later in the year, possibly during September or October, prior to members departing the Regiment at the end of the year. I will be posted at the end of the year away from 2 Cav Regt and a new President will be appointed. I look forward to ending the year on a high for the association; expect more photos to come. Stay safe and speak soon.   


SGT Tyrone Cashin


2 / 6 Cavalry Commando and 2nd Cavalry Regiment Association (NT



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