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The last half of the year for the Regiment has been quite busy. July included a number of fitness challenges set by the CO, LTCOL James Davis. This included a Regimental competition to win the Lighthorse Club BBQ via a tug of war, king of the ring and 3.2km TBAS, runners and cams run which the entire Regiment participated in. The overall winner was A SQN.  


August saw the running of Soldier Skills 2 which is an individual soldier competition testing basic skills such as navigation, weapons handling of the F88 and F89, first aid and observation skills. The competition was conducted over the week of 05 – 08 Aug 14 and began with the Brigade’s Fittest Soldier test.

This activity is as follows:

-        1.2km run in TBAS body armour and full cams / boots,

-        2 x rope ascents (minus TBAS),

-        50 x pushups,

-        15 x strict heaves,

-        200m water jerry carry,

-        100m tyre flip; and

-        100m swim (in full cams / boots). 

This activity in itself was quite gruelling and tested the overall fitness of the Regiment. More upper body strength was required for a lot of people which just goes to show that the core skills of being able to climb up a rope and pull your body weight up a heave beam were lacking.  


The following two days commenced the dismounted soldier skills within the close training area (CTA) across the road from Robertson Barracks. A SQN and SPT SQN did well however some personnel exceeded expectations. The performances in the CTA would determine the winner of soldier skills. 


The final day of the soldier skills week was to be the culminating activity; Physical Employment Standards test which commenced at 0500h.

This activity included the following:

-        10km load march (35-40kg total weight),

-        Fire and movement,

-        Leopard crawl,

-        Lift and carry (water jerries); and

-        Box lift and place. 


This activity was concluded with a breakfast at the Monsta Centre. The overall winner for the Soldier Skills 2 competition was TPR Roveda who was awarded the 2/6 Cav Cdo / 2nd Cav Regt trophy which was formerly awarded to the scout of the year. Seeing that the Regiment does not have cavalry scouts anymore we saw it fitting that the trophy be awarded to the winner of this competition which is to be conducted on a bi-annual basis. 


During September A SQN conducted Keldie Cup at Mount Bundey Training Area (MBTA) with RHQ providing the safety staff for the activity. A SQN successfully completed the activity with the results to be determined at a later time.

Keldie Cup

 Keldie Cup OICs and vehicle crews - 2nd Cavalry Regiment, AFVFFTS,
Mount Bundey Training Area

Keldie Cup 2

Keldie Cup 3

Keldie Cup 4 

WO1 CRAIG COOK (RSM) making brews in the back of 0D. LTCOL JAMES DAVIS (CO) supervising. 


Upon return from MBTA, the focus has now shifted onto the transition to Townsville. For those of you not aware, the entire 2nd Cavalry Regiment will be relocating to Townsville as part of Plan Beersheeba. The Regiment will take over facilities at B SQN ¾ Cavalry Regiment and adopt them as B SQN. As I write this article CPL (Monsta) Jones’ memorial stone is in the process of being removed from the Monsta Centre and TPR Lawrence’s’ memorial stone has also been relocated in preparation for the move. One CPT has been relocated to Adelaide for D SQN, 1 AR’s use and advance parties are in location in Townsville. All ASLAVs have been signed over to the Main Q-store in preparation for transport to Townsville. 


On 31 October 2014 will be our final parade prior to relocation. All are invited to attend if you are in location however if you are interstate it is requested you liaise with our RSM, WO1 Craig Cook prior to making travel arrangements. There will be a number of official guests and VIPs in attendance for the parade. All members of the Regiment will be dressed in TBAS, cams and beret. The parade will be followed by a Regimental dinner at the Southern OR’s mess, then to the Lighthorse club for refreshments then finally off to the Courage Bar at the Robertson Barracks Sergeants Mess.  


In summary, it has been quite a busy finish to the year for the Regiment. There is still more to come however all personnel within the 2nd Cavalry Regiment are looking forward to our future within 3rd Brigade.    

T Cashin


President2/6 Cavalry Commando and 2nd Cavalry Regiment Association NT 

23 Sep 14

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