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Commanding Officer LtCol James Davis attended the 2014 Foundation Day Commemoration Service to deliver his own C.O.’s message as follows:

Good morning veterans of 2nd/6th and 2nd Cavalry Regiments, families and ladies and gentlemen.

First thank you to the committee led by Susan who has again done fantastic work this year  that is not seen by most of us who are busy in the Regiment. I would also like to acknowledge SGT Cashin the president of the NT branch for his work this year. It has been an eventful year for the Regiment which is relocating to Townsville, or rather should say relocated. 31st of October was our last official day in the 1st Brigade and on 27 Nov 14 the Chief of Army will welcome us to the 3rd Brigade. All our equipment, including the stone and plaque that recognises the association between our Regiments, now has a new home in Lavarack barracks. 

All of this must sound a little familiar to 2/6 veterans who like 2 Cav and 2 Cav’s forbearers have now established HQ in Seymour, Western Sydney, the middle east, the Northern Territory and now Far North Queensland. Apart from the geographical similarities, the 2/6 story is highly instructive for the modern soldier as we relocate and reorganise.  Soldiers of 2/6 fought mounted, dismounted and in a variety of vehicle types. They suffered privations that are almost unimaginable in the modern age. Whilst there are some differences, the similarities between the past, present and the future give truth to the words of George Patton which I spoke to the Regiment on the night of 31 Oct 14. Patton said: 

“The soul of man is changeless. Our difficulties differ in manifestation but not in nature from those Alexander experienced and Caesar knew. Our success or failure in the next war will depend on our ability to face the naked facts as they exist, and to utilize our means not as we would, but as we may.” 

2/6 lived by these ideals throughout the 2nd World war and 2 Cav Regt will be in good stead if we can emulate them. These are exciting times and more than ever our links to past are our compass as the soldiers of the Regiment head East with their tails up. Once again thank you for the invitation and I look forward to talking more over lunch.

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