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The 2nd Cavalry Regiment has has a very busy start to 2015. A new location, a new concept, many new faces and new facilities in the works made for the first half to fly by.


Now located in Townsville, field training for the Regiment is very different in many positive ways, for starters it's not Mount Bundey, it's not as hot as Darwin and the training area is very accessible, it's only a 40 minute drive by ASLAV.


The 3rd Brigade poses different challenges to that of the 1st Brigade. A SQN mounted in ASLAV is a new concept in Townsville and therefore has been busy supporting the infantry units and has proved a handy capability in the area, it has shown the Brigade that we move much faster than our brothers on foot and can effect a large area of the battle space in a short time.


B SQN mounted in M113AS4's has also been busy as it is a new platform to most of the soldiers in the SQN however the role is not, as many of them have heralded from the former unit that provided lift in the Brigade. The SQN has supported the infantry units of the Brigade and some very junior commanders have stepped up well beyond their years of experience and have left strong positive impressions.


Support SQN has worked extremely hard both in the barracks and the field to have both Squadrons at vey high serviceability rates to allow them to continue to train hard and maintain the capability for the Brigade.


Currently the Regiment in undergoing significant facility upgrades which will make living and working in the barracks more efficient and a lot more comfortable. The regiment has done an outstanding job working in close confinement.


Currently the 2/6 Cavalry Commando and 2nd Cavalry Regiment association is up and running in the NQ. Membership is on the way up and as the tempo possibly slows down toward the end of the year I see the association contributing a lot to the Regiment. So far we have donated  outdoor furniture for The Lighthorse Club ( 2 Cav's boozer) and sponsored the units AFL team. The NQ branch also sent Mark Robinson to Melbourne to march with the ass on Anzac Day.


All in all it has been a great start to the year. The Association looks forward to the remainder of the year and also seeing our fellow Association Members at Commemoration day in November.


Chris Cohen


2/6 Cavalry Commando and 2nd Cavalry Regiment Association (NQ branch)

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