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Vale Fred Moon VX5356  (2/10 Australian Commando Squadron)  (25/11/1913 – 28/11/2015).   Fred died just a few days after his 102nd birthday). 

I have written a brief summary of Fred's life which can be viewed here.   

Vale E.T. (Ted) Punch (2/7 Squadron) NX203175.  Died 2/1/2016 aged 90.

I have contacted the following 2/6 Vets since mid-December:

Don MacPherson (Bairnsdale).  Still attending his cattle at Mt. Taylor.  Don and the beasts going along fine.  Plenty of grass, feed and water (no problems in that regard).  Don on normal tucker and the occasional drop of  ‘Scottish Mist’.

Ken Buckler (RSL Homes Narrabeen NSW).  Just struggling with speech and mobility.  Receiving good care.

Bert Potter (2/9 Squadron - Box Hill).  After a spell in hospital late last year with heart problems, Bert is on his way forward towards better health although it will be a long haul.  He can drive locally and he reports slow but steady progress.

Ted Workman (2/10 Squadron - Dee Why NSW).  Ted has been having vertigo and mobility problems for a couple of years now and experiences falls quite regularly and is often in hospital resulting from these falls.   Bright enough when I phone so is keeping up the morale.  I recently received an Australia Day Card from Lola and Ted, which was a most pleasant surprise with good news that Ted was finally home again after six weeks in hospital following a stroke early in December.   Ted is able to walk with the aid of a ‘Walker’.  His speech is fine but he has a permanent and partial sight loss in both eyes.

Harry Bell (Bowral NSW).  Another who is having falls and spells in hospital, the latest being for a lower broken arm.  Now out of plaster and having exercises to improve strength etc.  Yet to be re-assessed for driver’s licence but stated he is going along fine.

Bill Trevena (2/10 Squadron – Streaky Bay SA).  Bill was feeling fine when I rang.  He had a quiet but enjoyable Christmas.  Apart from mobility problems he has no foreseeable health issues.  He has had a cataract operation which was most successful.

Max Drummond (2/6 & 2/9 Squadrons – Lavington NSW).   I made contact with Max to wish him and Janet good luck and better health for 2016.   With the aid of a mobile walker Max goes on short walks to the local shops on most days.  This is a great effort considering his handicap.   I think Max was disappointed that a train trip to Albury for a visit is beyond me at the present time.   However, I will endeavour to stay in contact by phone.

Jack Johanesen (2/7 Squadron – Reservoir Vic.)   It is always a pleasure to phone Jack.  We usually have a long discussion on subjects of mutual interest.   Although both Jack and Sheila have ongoing serious health issues, he is most positive in outlook.   Fortunately, they have close family support and they expect to continue living at the family home without any major problems. 

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