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2017 has started with a continuation of 2016 on the training field.  After approx. 10 months in the field last year, it is assessed that the first half of this year will be as busy as the last.  With a new CO at the Helm in Lt Col Grant Chambers and a new Regimental 2IC in MAJ Matt Clissold, the Regiment is in good stead to forge on with Courage.  

As a result of highly successful training in 2016, the Regiment looks forward to continuing on using the combined efforts of the Abrams Main Battle Tank, working with the ASLAV and the venerable warhorse, the M113. 

The Historical collection within the Regiment continues to grow, becoming more of home to the soldiers than previous times.  With a small, yet poignant dedication to 2/6th on entry, it allows for members to visualise how good we have it these days. Like all 'Museums' it can only grow with time.

Each of the Sqns has their own Facebook page, which is constantly updated and includes current information, photographs, and interesting anecdotes from within the Regiment. Regimental Headquarter Squadron is about to join the ranks on social media, and should envelope most occurrences and anecdotes from the head shed.

100 Years anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai and the Charge at Beersheba is fast approaching. With the RAAC conference looming, this will be a topic discussed to confirm our plans as a unit, among the RAAC to mark the anniversary. Yet another opportunity to show the community how we represent, and remember.Our ongoing commitment to mentoring and training the Papua New Guinea

Officer Cadets continues to forge ahead, with overwhelming reports and praise for all rotations to date. The PNG Defence Force is much better off for the injection of knowledge and experience from the regimental members - of all ranks.

The regiment continues to build its rapport within the wider community. Our involvement in the local community of Townsville, Charters Towers and the surrounding areas received positive feedback with regard to the conduct, dress and bearing and professionalism of the regimental soldiers.  Admiration greets all members adorning the hatbadge on the sacred black hat - and fall in love with the plumes en-masse.

WO2 Courage celebrates his 30th year in 2017, both by birth and service to the Regiment. Still the senior mascot in the Australian Army, he retains the position of the 'morale hub' for all members in the ranks. His VIP presence at Billabong Sanctuary in Townsville during the wild bird show, allowing for the mascot handlers to provide a presentation to the audience with regard to his role and daily routine. Again, the reports of professionalism were returned to the Regiment.  

Much new equipment had been delivered to the Regiment over the course of 2016, and this is set to continue with the new Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle on the horizon, paired with the new Protected Vehicle in the guise of the Hawkeii, made in Australia by Thales Aust.

The Assn committee is currently being reviewed, with new members posted into the unit. We welcome back WO2 Tyrone Cashin, a former President, not only into the ranks of the Premier Regiment, but also back as an active and proactive member in the committee.  We are actively looking at recruiting the 'olds and bolds' from within the NQ community to join the committee.  In a perfect world, it would be ideal to have state reps volunteer to allow for the dissemination of information provided by the Royal Australian Armoured Corps Council. This will allow for a depth of knowledge and history to represent the Assn, but also allow the members to rely upon this depth to assist them when and where they need it.  I look forward to branching the Assn. to the wider community throughout 2017 and bringing a fresh approach to how this is best done.

From Holsworthy to Darwin to Townsville - we continue to dominate. We look better, we shoot better and we sound better.

Yours with Courage

Chris Eynon Warrant Officer Class Two


2/6th - 2 Cav Assn (NQ Branch)

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