Flashback 2000


Colonel Michael Krause Commanding 2 Cavalry Regiment addresses the assembly



Ross Robyn Joe and Harry


On 9th. October  1971 at Holdsworthy N.S.W.  the Battle Honours of the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment were passed into the custody of 2 Cavalry Regiment. A plaque to represent the occasion was presented to that Regiment by our original CO. Brigadier M. A. Fergusson DSO MC ED.

This plaque is now fixed to a Memorial situated at the entrance to the HQ of the 2 Cavalry Regiment, Waler Lines, Robertson Barracks, Palmerston, NT.

The 30th Anniversary of the formation of 2 Cavalry Regiment fell on 30 October 2000 To honour this anniversary re-dedication ceremonies were carried out at a Dawn Service for both the Guidon and the 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment Plaque and Memorial,

To join in this celebration four members of our Regimental Associations were invited to attend by the 2 Cavalry Regiment. They were: President Robin McKay, Vice President Joe Byrne, Secretary of the Queensland and Northern Rivers Association Ross Woodrow and President of the Victorian Association Harry Hunting. Rob quotes, "After being allocated quarters we were taken to Regimental HQ to meet the RSM WO1  Paul "Happy"Hanlon who invited us to meet the CO of the Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Krause. Both the CO and the RSM gave us a very warm welcome. The CO stressed the importance placed on our visit in order to strengthen the ties between the two Regiments.


Moving ceremony and Re-dedication witnessed by full parade



October 16 2008 Robertson Barracks Darwin 

Organized by Treasurer Lt.Col.(R) Kevin Maloney and with the blessing of the committee,  President and Treasurer flew to Darwin and met with  parent Brigade and officers and presented the 2/6 Cavalry Commando regiment website and a plea for renewed involvement in the affairs of the ancestor regiment. Brigadier Michael Krause made his feelings clear to the assembled officers and gave his pledge that the affiliation would be re-invigorated. Left to right: WO1 Peter Swinfield (RSM 1 Armd. Regt.) Maj. Chris Gardiner (OC. B Sqn.) WO1 Don Spinks (1 Bde. RSM) John (Shorty) Corbett (Pres. Vic.) Brigadier Michael Krause (ADC. Comd. 1 Bde.) Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Malone (CO.2 Cav.Regt.) WO1 Peter (PJ) McNeill (RSM 2 Cav.Regt.) Lt. Andrew Hastie (2 Cav. Historian), Lieutenant. Colonel Kevin Maloney(Retrd)


Brigadier Michael Krause presents rare medallion to the Ancestor Regiment. Now in the custody of Vice President Kevin Maloney


The following day 17/10/2008

Dennis -Its a deal

Lieutenant.Colonel Dennis Malone C.O. 2nd, Cavalry Regiment and President (Vic) make a deal.

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First we go for a ride in ASLAV and make history as the oldest ever Cavalry Commando to do a brake test in one of these vehicles.

Wheres reverse on this thing

Then over a cup of tea at the mess, Shorty offers his Jap Sword as a souvenir for the Mess Collection and his fighting knife as a trophy for the C.O's Annual Award  beginning 2009. Before parting, Dennis presented Shorty with a rare (only 4 in existence to date) medallion in recognition of efforts to further strengthen the existing ties between 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment and 2 Cav Regiment .
Then WO1 Peter McNeill (PJ) the author presented the Regiment with "The Book"
PJ The Author
And introduced us to L/Cpl.Courage the regiment Mascot
Thats a Live Eagle Son
And so we said 'Au revoir' to the intrepid Cpl. Daniel O'Neill and Tpr. Matt Fonte.
Dan and Matt
But only after extending our heartfelt thanks to
Lieutenant Julia (Jules) Vardill, the Brigade Liaison Officer who put it all together.

Fast forward to 3rd.November at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance Annual pilgrimage.

Lance Corporal Daniel O'Neill Presents the Regiment with the Plaque
The President calls on Lt.Col.(R) Kevin Maloney, Treasurer, to reciprocate by presenting the promised trophies.
Kevin Maloney Dan ONeill John Westhorp
Then a popular big vote of thanks to our longest serving Secretary who organizes this occasion every year. A standing ovation for Keith Johnston.
And so the foundation has been re-laid for a continuing vigorous meaningful relationship, that began in October 1971, for generations to come. The "Knife", mounted on a temporary plinth designed and produced in Tasmanian Oak by Colonel Maloney for presentation at the Shrine Ceremony will be mounted on a shield for annual presentation to the winner of the award.
Shrine Guard Victoria Police
Honour the Regiment. "Lest we Forget"

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WOii Andrew Donnelly leads the regiment in Melbourne
WOII Andrew Donnelly shared leading the Melbourne ANZAC Day march with the President accompanied by Sgt.Jim Earles bringing up the rear and keeping them in step; along with Tprs.David Longney,Mark Jay, Jason Mc.Nabb, Jason Campbell, Ben Tyrell and Dan Price.
Name tags were issued to guests of the Treasurer for the luncheon reunion with Comando Association
Name tags for Commando Reunion Dinner

Splendidly turned out, they won the hearts and carried the day to make it a truly memorable event in support of the ancestor Regiment. Even the Melbourne weather defied the forecasts and delayed it's bitterness until the following day.

2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment2nd. Cavalry Regiment

  The following is  taken from the last issue of “Cavalry Capers” published by Trevor Limb in November 1971 about the handing over of the Battle Honours at Holdsworthy N.S.W. attended by members of the Regiment association who had travelled from all States.

The day, Saturday October 9, started in the Officers' Mess of the 2nd Cavalry Regt, where members were entertained as they arrived. At 1100 hours everyone boarded the transports for the firing range, where members of 2 Cav. Regt. demonstrated the firepower of their latest equipment. This demonstration was both interesting and awe- inspiring, as the progress which has taken place in the development of firearms in general, made all those in attendance sit up and take notice; particularly members of our Regt. who would have been very happy to have had this equipment during the '39-'45 war. It certainly made the old Hotchkiss, Lewis and Bren guns etc. look very antiquated.

After this display, all present returned to the General Mess Hall for lunch. This turned out to be a wonderful smorgas­bord. Full marks to the catering staff of the Regiment; it was a terrific effort. They not only had the visitors from our Regt., but also their own families, as this was the first time their Regt. had held an open day.

After the luncheon the transports rolled up once again, scheduled to depart at 1400hrs, and it was all aboard for an Amphibious Display held on the George River. Once again the mobility of these Armoured Personnel Carriers was demonstrated. These are fantastic machines. They race down the slope and hit the water at about 20 to 25 m. p. h. and then just manouvre themselves about in the water con­trolled by their tracks. After this display, which lasted about half an hour, every­body went back to the regimental lines for afternoon tea; once again handled by an efficient catering staff. This consisted of coffee, tea, scones, fruitcake etc.

The time was now nearing 4 p. m, the scheduled time set down for the Presentation Parade, so all in attendance made their way to the general parade ground. Seating arrangements were set up facing the parade, at the northern end.Three squadrons of 2 Cav. Regt., marched onto the parade ground, forming a hollow square, with 'Trooper Courage' the regimental mascot (which incidentally turned out to be a wedgetailed eagle). This bird really stole the show in the manner in which it sat on it's perch; with the handler, Trooper Peter Masters of Box Hill, standing at attention along­side, The bird sat up so erect and still, that if you did not know better, you would think it was a stuffed bird.

The parade ground was now prepared for the arrival of the senior officers. The C. O, of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Lt. Col.J. D, Keldie M. C, arrived and took up his position and, after receiving his two senior officers, a Colonel and Brigadier, awaited the arrival of our former Commanding Officer, Brigadier M, A. Fergusson D, S, O, M. C, E. D. As the car containing him and his wife arrived at the dais, all those in attendance stood and gave this grand old veteran a wonderfully moving ovation. Some of this could have been due to the fact that he had been ordered to bed, suffering from acute pains with stones in the kidneys and come hell or high water he was determined to be on that parade.

The scene was now set and Lt. Col. John Keldie prepared to present his address to Brigadier Fergusson and the 2/6th Cavalry Commando Regiment. In his address, he stated how proud he was on behalf of his Officers, NC0s and men, in being allowed the privilege of accepting the Battle Honours of the Senior Regiment of the 2nd A. I. F, who had acquitted themselves so admirably during the 2nd World War. Brigadier Fergusson in reply said how proud he and the members of his Regiment were to  hand over their Battle Honours to a young Regiment, which had such a good background and they must never forget the three main features of their Regiment - Pride in their country - Pride in their Regiment - and finally Pride in their military bearing. After the dedication of the Bronze Plaque and Illuminated Address, which was conducted by Padre Frank Hulme-Moir, assisted by Padre N. Rook, the two Association Presidents (Frank Harley from N. S. W, and Stan Poppins from Victoria) presented them to Lt. Col. Keldie who in turn called the escort party to march them off the parade ground, where they were placed in an A. P. C, and driven to the Officers Mess for safe keeping. 
As an aside, in June 2010 we received the following e-mail from Roger Sandilands:

 Hello Susan,
 I was a trooper in 2Cav at the time of the handover parade
 from 2/6 Cav and took part in the amphibious display at the
Georges River. If you are interested I have a photo of our
section entering the river at high speed. There was a
newspaper photographer there who provided us with a copy of
the photo. The photo shows three APC's entering the river
and the huge spray of water that they created.
The closest APC is commanded by Pommy Adams. I dont know who the driver was.
My APC- you can just see the top of the turret- was commanded by Sgt Doug Lennox
and I do not remember who was in the third. I hope you can get a print off this.
Roger Sandilands
 Service No 140651
Thanks Roger.


Granted freedom of the city of Darwin Lt.Colonel Dennis Malone leads his Regimental Parade. 2009 October 31
Dennis and shorty cook up another deal
The last time they shook hands the, the C.O's Scout trophy was born. What's it going to be this time?
Dennis admits, "I love my Scouts" and introduces Ben
The presentation at the Regimental Ball 2009

You guessed it! when Dennis and Shorty shook hands in Darwin something was bound to happen. Now we are one
Pictured below are some attendees at the inaugral meeting of 2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment and 2nd. cavalry Regiment Association (Vic.) ANZAC Eve. 24/04/2010 held at the 90 year old Caulfield R.S.L.

As you look at it reading from left to right.
Standing:Matt. Tarca, Phil. Hepworth, Ben Horton, Betty Land (Patron), Craig Cook,David King, David Johnston, Shane Walker, Peter Richardson, Phillip Hinds, Phillip Roberts.
Front and seated: Barry Nicholas, Shorty, Tina,(Assistant Shorty) Levi Grima, Susan (Secretary) Heather(Assistant Secretary)

Craig Cook accepts nomination and is elected to the Executive Committee.

Happy Birthday
Birthday cake organized by Sec. Flares symbolizing the coming together of The Regiments.
Youngand Old Cut the Cake
The youngest member present, Phillip Hinds, and the oldest, cut the cake under the watchful eyes of Susan and Craig and the the mission is accomplished after 39 years.
Sealed by:

ANZAC Day in Melbourne 2010.
There is a competition being run by Colin Bartholomew for a banner design to show the coming together of the Regiments. This may well be the last sighting of the old Banner.
Leading the March Craig and President Shorty, supported by the fresh troops bolstering the heretofore dwindling ranks.

Craig leads 2010 March
We could see the inevitability of the new banner, but were completely unprepared for the morale desroying ill informed decision to ban the black beret. It came as a sickening below the belt blow which will take time and effort by right thinking ex soldiers to reverse. In the meantime NT won the competition for the new banner with a symbolically significant design showing the original grandparent flag " Old Mud Blood and Greenfields overlaid by next generation symbol commando squadron in turn overlaid by this currently, fighting on multiple fronts, generation symbol of Courage and Colours. Featured here on Foundation day November 3 2010 being presented to Victorian branch at the commemoration ceremony at The Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne by Serving 2 Cav NT branch members Robert Webb and Phillip Hinds
At the same ceremony there were a couple of defiant BLACK BERETS that are not likely to be deterred by any thoughtless ban.
Then came the history making ANZAC Day March of 2011 seen her led by Ben Horton and Shorty with the new Banner followed by a solid contingent from 2 Cav and the descendants of originals with a good showing of Black Berets.